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Erick and Jamie’s Engagement Session at Target Field

Posted on April 14th, 2014 by Bryan Jonathan

Erick and Jamie are planning more than a wedding, they’re preparing for a “PARTY!” The couple have been together for nearly nine years and everyone knew they were meant for each other but now their wedding date is officially on the horizon. Erick is an overseas contractor and the deal was that if he was going to be away then she was going to have the wedding she had always wanted. It’s going to be a celebration filled with friends, fun and maybe a drink or two— or three.

Erick and Jamie are huge Twins fans even if the team hasn’t put together a winning season in years. Our engagement session started at the Guthrie Theater and quickly moved to Target Field where the chilly spring weather gave the two love birds an excuse to keep each other warm. Afterwards we stopped at Kieran’s Irish Pub, where the Groom’s Dinner will be held, to mix business with pleasure. October is just around the corner and we will soon celebrate together again at the wedding.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photographer

Posted on January 26th, 2014 by Bryan Jonathan

Wading through the sea of wedding photographers can be an overwhelming and bewildering experience. There are literally thousands to choose from, all with varying degrees of talent and price. Here are three questions that every bride and groom should ask themselves before hiring a wedding photographer. If you can satisfy these three criteria then you have made a great choice regardless of who you selected.

Jon and Courtney at Minnehaha Ice Falls

Posted on January 23rd, 2014 by Bryan Jonathan

High school sweethearts Courtney and Jon fell in love after mutual friends introduced them to each other. Eight years later, Jon proposed during their annual Halloween pumpkin carving contest. Courtney would usually come out on top and when Jon finished his carving in under five minutes she was certain she had won. Little did she know what Jon was up to. He had carved a question mark into his pumpkin and then got down on one knee, this year Jon had finally won. For our engagement session last week we ventured behind the frozen waterfall at Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis. With Jon by her side, Courtney braved the icy path with ease and grace and the results were spectacular.


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